Who is the founder of EggLife?

Peggy Johns is our founder and with her determination and creativity, she has been able to create multiple food and snack products which all begin with cage-free eggs. Her inspiration comes from a desire to help people that seek delicious and nutritious foods with protein but cannot tolerate gluten and try or need to avoid carbohydrates, fats and sugar.

What is. the nutritional information (Protein, Carbs, Calories)?

Each egglife 7" wrap contains 30 calories or less, 5 grams protein, <1 gram carbohydrate, 0g fat and 0g sugar.

Are egglife wraps gluten free?

All egglife wraps are gluten free and provide a perfect delicious and nutritious option for consumers who have a gluten intolerance or who choose to avoid gluten.

Do egglife wraps contain any allergens?

All egglife wraps are gluten free and provide a perfect delicious and nutritious option for consumers who have a gluten intolerance or who choose to avoid gluten.

What ingredients are in egglife wraps?

All egglife wraps start with egg whites from cage-free eggs, and we add natural flavors and spices, water, nisin (natural preservative) and xanthan gum as a stabilizer.

What is nisin and where does it come from?

Nisin is an all-natural preservative and found in a variety of all-natural foods. 

What is xanthan gum and where does it come from?

Xanthan gum is an all-natural food thickener made from bacteria and used in many all-natural foods.

Are egglife wraps currently on the market?

Not yet. We are planning on selling egglife wraps in select stores in 

Chicago beginning in Ocotber 2019.

What states/markets will egglife be available in?

We are launching egglife wraps in the Chicago market in October 2019 and will expand to other retailers in the Midwest in early 2020. 

What is the package style?

In order to ensure freshness and delicious taste, egglife wraps are packaged in a convenient, easy-to-use resealable package.

Where in the store would a shopper find it?

Egglife wraps will be sold in refrigerated sections of grocery stores and we will work with each retailer to determine the optimal locations for their shoppers.

What is your intended market, retail or foodservice?

While retail is our primary focus for 2019 and 2020, we are open to conversations with potential foodservice customers.

What flavors are available?

Egglife wraps are available in 4 flavors: Original, Italian-Style, Southwest and Rye-Style.


What size (s) are available?

Egglife wraps will be available in a 7" size.


How many wraps are in each pack? 

6 wraps per pack


How many packages are in each case?

20 packs per case


What is the retail price?

 A pack of 6 egglife wraps will retail for around $4.99.

What is the case price?

A case of 20 egglife packages will sell for around $60.00. ($3.00 per pack).


Are egglife wraps shelf stable?

Since our egglife wraps are made with fresh cage-free eggs, they   must be refrigerated.


Where should egglife wraps be stocked? 

Egglife wraps can be carried in either closed door coolers or open refrigerated coolers.

What is the shelf life of egglife wraps?

Egglife wraps have at least a 60 day shelf life from the time they leave our plant.  We print a "use by date" on every package


How long are egglife wraps good for once they are opened?

Egglife wraps should be consumed within 7 days of opening the package.


Can egglife wraps be frozen?

While egglife wraps will be purchased in the refrigerated products area of stores, they can be frozen at home. However, for the best-tasting egglife   wraps, we recommend keeping them refrigerated and not freezing them.


How are egglife wraps shipped?

Egglife wraps are shipped in resealable packs (20 packs per case) in refrigerated vehicles to ensure product integrity throughout the   distribution system.


Tell me about your company

Egglife, LLC LLC is a family-owned company that believes in   simple delicious nutrition. All of our products start with cage-free eggs from chickens raised on family-owned   farms. We add a few select few ingredients to make delicious and nutritious foods. 


Where is egglife produced?

Egglife wraps are produced in Wolcott, IN.


Are you privately owned and by whom? 

Egglife, LLC is a family-owned and privately held company.


Do you have other products you are going to launch?

Yes, we have many other products in development. All products from Egglife, LLC will be made from cage-free eggs plus a few, simple ingredients. We plan to launch several new products starting in 2020.


Are you taking orders?

Yes.  If you’re interested in stocking   egglife wraps, please email us at